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Korranberg Chronicle Dear readers, we have had to skip a month in our usual schedule, this is so we could gain enough stories and organise our reporters so that we could bring the best information to you!

Aundair has lost! After the tragic assasination and fall of Fairhaven it was soon to be clear that Aundair has lost the war. Many Aundairians have fled to the Eldeen Reaches, currently a neutral zone, to escape Karrnathi forces. Aundair rapidly fell after an incident that strongly resembles the Mournland destroyed the south eastern part of the country. Only one portion of the country still fights, the floating towers of Arcanix. Karrnathi forces are currently laying siege to the towers suffering heavy losses.

Brelish/Karrnathi Alliance crumbles after a sneak attack raid committed by a division of undead Karrnath troops attacked the east of Breland. The unit caused major damage before being routed into the Brelish sounthern countryside.

Horror in Lhazar. Several small ilands have been utterly wiped out as the beast known as Loslorn wreaks havoc. The Blood Mages in the region are claiming to fight the beast though there efforts, so far, seem to be in vain.

Lord Krozan led a massive assault against Breland in the past week, gaining much ground. Brelish troops have made what they call the “Silver Line” this line is where the Breland military have made major defensive measures, Thrane has lost many troops trying to break it. Conditions along the line and outside the line are horrendous. The countryside having been blasted to glass in some areas. Supply lines are stretched out and no one can tell who will win the battle or attrition.

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Korranberg Chronicle-

Tragedy in Sharn! in the early hours of the morning yesterday a horrible tradgedy befalled Sharn. In the Cannith district over twenty building fell, crushing adjacent buildings and killing thousands. The Brelish have sworn revenge and it seems a Khorvaire wide witch hunt is about to occur.

Blood Mages! a group from the Lhazar Principalities claim themselves to be “Blood Mages” and have only just recently appeared. The local folk however do not like them. For they seem much like a sect from the highly tabboo religion, “The Blood of Vol.” A pirate had this to say,
“Ha Blood Mages… What a silly name. As long as they stay out of my business I wont have to find out if they can bleed…”

House Cannith is suffering from internal house strife. This is leaving their holds vulnerable to raids. House Cannith has also had to fire hundreds of personell, though they claim to still perform their role as the House of Making by running the Lighting Rail that is now so vital to Khorvaires survival.

Towns have dissapeared within the Lhazar Principalities many grizzled captains say that is it Loslorn’s doing, though others claim that it is the Blood Mage group. The towns that have dissapeared appear to be untouched except that there are no inhabitants. These ghost towns are very disturbing.

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Korranberg Chronicle-

A airship pilot from House Lyrandar said that he took Warlord Malachor ir’Dry to the Demonwastes and that he did not return. At the rendeavous point instead he met Margery Fimble, a retainer from Aundair for Malachor. Margery, when over Aundair also stole one of the captains life rings. He complained to the Aundairian government who then compensated him ten times over.

The Lyrandar captains sent to investigate the dissapearance of a pirates lord fleet have been wiped out. Only one ship survived, only a skeleton crew remained. The document of their debriefing has been classified.

Rosson Larue a commander from Karrnath has filled in the vacumn that Malachor has left. She is currently not living at her manor.

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Korranberg Chronicle-

As soon as they were captured Amelia and Siliel, the two excommunicated “worshippers” of the Silver Flame escaped their prison on the prison island Dreadhold in the Lhazar Principalities. They were aided by a unknown warforged titan. House Kundarak lost thirty three of its number durring this escape and House Deneith and House Tharashk have doubled thier efforts on the capture of the group. A citizen from Thrane has this to say,
“They are only proving that they are guilty with all the running. There souls belong to the Dark Six now. Good riddance.”

Several paladins of Dol Arrah have gone missing in the past week. Sources say that the Emerald Claw are involved in some fashion. People of the nations are now worried as three dozen paladins have gone missing. A farmer from Aundair offers her view,
“Its omens I tell you. Not good when the best dissapear…”

A massive fleet of a pirate lords fleet was wiped out today. Ten in all with a combined crew of one thousand six hundred and twenty seven. Other captains and lords claim that is was “Loslorn” a ancient, mythic seabeast. House Lyrandar with their specific skill set are now investigating the disspearance.

Korranberg Chronicle.

Korranberg Chronicle-

In recent news Cardinal Kross of the Silver Flame was murdered. He was flayed by his once loyal protectors;
- Amelia
During the early hours of the morning these three murderers skinned Cardinal Kross alive infront of the townsfolk of Nalthyr. The trio escaped in a brilliant flash of light which both blinded and stunned the resident clerics. The three once holy warriors of the Silver Flame have been excommunicated from the church. High Cardinal Krozan had this to say, “Because of the abhorrant act of absolute evil, those responsible have not only been exocommunicated but they have also been declared traitors. Any information regarding their whereabouts will be appreciated. A great portion of my resources are dedicated to tracking these individuals down and bringing them to justice.” That is the report on Thranes side.

House Orien has declared that their lightning rail system has been fixed. Over the past two months two lightning rail accidents heading into and out of Karrnath has meant the shutdown of the much needed system in Karrnath. The two accidents in total had claimed five hundred and thirty two lives with dozens missing.

Recently promoted Warlord ir’Dry has dissapeared into the Demon Wastes for unknown reasons. Sources say that the Warlord left with little warning, he did not even say why he was going. One can only imagine why a man of such prestige would even consider going to such a blasted wasteland and whether or not he will return.

In related news the Wastes neighbour, the Eldeen Reaches has experienced unusual weather conditions along the mountains bordering the two areas. Several druid circles left the towns that they reside in. Weather conditions included though not limited to;
Falling fire.
Acid rain.
Tornados of stone and mud.
Ultra growth in wildlife.
Why this is happening has not been explained by either the druids or any magical instituition.

*Korranberg Chronicle*

Korranberg Chronicle-

One Malachor Dry is promoted to Warlord in Karrnath for his actions in preventing war between his homeland and Thrane, a Karrnathi soldier gives his opinion;
“Its all well and good that we’re not going to war, though I still dont like the looks of this Malachor fella, Ive heard strange rumours ’bout that one.”
Malachor has been granted tracts of land and is now able to claim taxes.

Dozens of people have gone missing in the past month, several reports coming out of the Eldeen Reaches gives credence to the theory of some sort of extreme hunting cult. A cult that hunts sentient creatures! Those that survived this ordeal have been turned over to House Jorasco for both physical and mental treatment. One can only wonder when and if this cult will strike again.

The Grand Admiral of Karrnath’s Royal Navy has just completed a deal with the pirate prince of the Diresharks. This deal means twenty more ships for Karrnaths fleet. Breland’s parliment has challenged this action, though this action was quickly withdrawn after it was pointed out that the Breland military has been making similar deals with another Lhazar prince.

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