*Korranberg Chronicle*

Korranberg Chronicle-

One Malachor Dry is promoted to Warlord in Karrnath for his actions in preventing war between his homeland and Thrane, a Karrnathi soldier gives his opinion;
“Its all well and good that we’re not going to war, though I still dont like the looks of this Malachor fella, Ive heard strange rumours ’bout that one.”
Malachor has been granted tracts of land and is now able to claim taxes.

Dozens of people have gone missing in the past month, several reports coming out of the Eldeen Reaches gives credence to the theory of some sort of extreme hunting cult. A cult that hunts sentient creatures! Those that survived this ordeal have been turned over to House Jorasco for both physical and mental treatment. One can only wonder when and if this cult will strike again.

The Grand Admiral of Karrnath’s Royal Navy has just completed a deal with the pirate prince of the Diresharks. This deal means twenty more ships for Karrnaths fleet. Breland’s parliment has challenged this action, though this action was quickly withdrawn after it was pointed out that the Breland military has been making similar deals with another Lhazar prince.



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