Korranberg Chronicle.

Korranberg Chronicle-

In recent news Cardinal Kross of the Silver Flame was murdered. He was flayed by his once loyal protectors;
- Amelia
During the early hours of the morning these three murderers skinned Cardinal Kross alive infront of the townsfolk of Nalthyr. The trio escaped in a brilliant flash of light which both blinded and stunned the resident clerics. The three once holy warriors of the Silver Flame have been excommunicated from the church. High Cardinal Krozan had this to say, “Because of the abhorrant act of absolute evil, those responsible have not only been exocommunicated but they have also been declared traitors. Any information regarding their whereabouts will be appreciated. A great portion of my resources are dedicated to tracking these individuals down and bringing them to justice.” That is the report on Thranes side.

House Orien has declared that their lightning rail system has been fixed. Over the past two months two lightning rail accidents heading into and out of Karrnath has meant the shutdown of the much needed system in Karrnath. The two accidents in total had claimed five hundred and thirty two lives with dozens missing.

Recently promoted Warlord ir’Dry has dissapeared into the Demon Wastes for unknown reasons. Sources say that the Warlord left with little warning, he did not even say why he was going. One can only imagine why a man of such prestige would even consider going to such a blasted wasteland and whether or not he will return.

In related news the Wastes neighbour, the Eldeen Reaches has experienced unusual weather conditions along the mountains bordering the two areas. Several druid circles left the towns that they reside in. Weather conditions included though not limited to;
Falling fire.
Acid rain.
Tornados of stone and mud.
Ultra growth in wildlife.
Why this is happening has not been explained by either the druids or any magical instituition.


Harrison you lieing fuck

Korranberg Chronicle.

Hmm, strange weather conditions that seem exceeding dangerous? A powerful adventurer leading a new expidition in the same area? No-one put two and two together and guessed that Malachor Dry would perhaps be trying to stop it?

Korranberg Chronicle.

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