Korranberg Chronicle.1

Korranberg Chronicle-

As soon as they were captured Amelia and Siliel, the two excommunicated “worshippers” of the Silver Flame escaped their prison on the prison island Dreadhold in the Lhazar Principalities. They were aided by a unknown warforged titan. House Kundarak lost thirty three of its number durring this escape and House Deneith and House Tharashk have doubled thier efforts on the capture of the group. A citizen from Thrane has this to say,
“They are only proving that they are guilty with all the running. There souls belong to the Dark Six now. Good riddance.”

Several paladins of Dol Arrah have gone missing in the past week. Sources say that the Emerald Claw are involved in some fashion. People of the nations are now worried as three dozen paladins have gone missing. A farmer from Aundair offers her view,
“Its omens I tell you. Not good when the best dissapear…”

A massive fleet of a pirate lords fleet was wiped out today. Ten in all with a combined crew of one thousand six hundred and twenty seven. Other captains and lords claim that is was “Loslorn” a ancient, mythic seabeast. House Lyrandar with their specific skill set are now investigating the disspearance.



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