Korranberg Chronicle.3

Korranberg Chronicle-

A airship pilot from House Lyrandar said that he took Warlord Malachor ir’Dry to the Demonwastes and that he did not return. At the rendeavous point instead he met Margery Fimble, a retainer from Aundair for Malachor. Margery, when over Aundair also stole one of the captains life rings. He complained to the Aundairian government who then compensated him ten times over.

The Lyrandar captains sent to investigate the dissapearance of a pirates lord fleet have been wiped out. Only one ship survived, only a skeleton crew remained. The document of their debriefing has been classified.

Rosson Larue a commander from Karrnath has filled in the vacumn that Malachor has left. She is currently not living at her manor.


Rossan a Warlord?.. shit

Korranberg Chronicle.3

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