Korranberg Chronicle.4

Korranberg Chronicle-

Tragedy in Sharn! in the early hours of the morning yesterday a horrible tradgedy befalled Sharn. In the Cannith district over twenty building fell, crushing adjacent buildings and killing thousands. The Brelish have sworn revenge and it seems a Khorvaire wide witch hunt is about to occur.

Blood Mages! a group from the Lhazar Principalities claim themselves to be “Blood Mages” and have only just recently appeared. The local folk however do not like them. For they seem much like a sect from the highly tabboo religion, “The Blood of Vol.” A pirate had this to say,
“Ha Blood Mages… What a silly name. As long as they stay out of my business I wont have to find out if they can bleed…”

House Cannith is suffering from internal house strife. This is leaving their holds vulnerable to raids. House Cannith has also had to fire hundreds of personell, though they claim to still perform their role as the House of Making by running the Lighting Rail that is now so vital to Khorvaires survival.

Towns have dissapeared within the Lhazar Principalities many grizzled captains say that is it Loslorn’s doing, though others claim that it is the Blood Mage group. The towns that have dissapeared appear to be untouched except that there are no inhabitants. These ghost towns are very disturbing.


well, old man is disturbed from reading this. Good thing we just left that place.

Korranberg Chronicle.4

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