Korranberg Chronicle.5

Korranberg Chronicle Dear readers, we have had to skip a month in our usual schedule, this is so we could gain enough stories and organise our reporters so that we could bring the best information to you!

Aundair has lost! After the tragic assasination and fall of Fairhaven it was soon to be clear that Aundair has lost the war. Many Aundairians have fled to the Eldeen Reaches, currently a neutral zone, to escape Karrnathi forces. Aundair rapidly fell after an incident that strongly resembles the Mournland destroyed the south eastern part of the country. Only one portion of the country still fights, the floating towers of Arcanix. Karrnathi forces are currently laying siege to the towers suffering heavy losses.

Brelish/Karrnathi Alliance crumbles after a sneak attack raid committed by a division of undead Karrnath troops attacked the east of Breland. The unit caused major damage before being routed into the Brelish sounthern countryside.

Horror in Lhazar. Several small ilands have been utterly wiped out as the beast known as Loslorn wreaks havoc. The Blood Mages in the region are claiming to fight the beast though there efforts, so far, seem to be in vain.

Lord Krozan led a massive assault against Breland in the past week, gaining much ground. Brelish troops have made what they call the “Silver Line” this line is where the Breland military have made major defensive measures, Thrane has lost many troops trying to break it. Conditions along the line and outside the line are horrendous. The countryside having been blasted to glass in some areas. Supply lines are stretched out and no one can tell who will win the battle or attrition.



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