General Vreyko Frosos


This mans bone fullplate armor is made from the teeth of those he has killed, he only ever takes one tooth from each person or creature he has killed. He is not powerful enough to make a Bonecraft weapon, though he is fairly close. Vreyko is a large man, he stands at 6’4" and is very large, his hair is salt and peppered with age. His dull grey eyes show a wisdom only matched by the oldest of elves or dwarves. His face is unscarred, primarily because he never lets a opponent get a hit in. His bone armor is yellowed with age, though there are some new editions.


Vreyko’s history is hard to come by. The only facts one would be able to discover is that he served with Karrnathi special forces and that when he grew too old for such things he was promoted to general almost instantaneously.

General Vreyko Frosos

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