Margery Fimble, The prophetess.

Margery is a Gnome woman who's just reached the middle of her first century. She has auburn hair that flows to her ankles, violet blue eyes and richly tanned skin. She wears brightly coloured clothes at all times.


level 2 Wizard (generalist) level 1 fighter
N, Female, Gnome, 50
Hp=26 AC=12 Bab=+2
weapons: club (1d4 + 1), light crossbow (1d6)
Fort=5 Ref=1 Will=3


Margery is an Aundarian Gnome. Her parents moved to Aundair for the universities. Margery studied at the university of Wynarn where she learned the wizardry that she used to serve Aundair in the last war as a member of the knights arcane. Margery aspires to one day become a knight phantom to better serve her close friend and leader, Queen Aurala. whilst in the demon wastes following the foolish malachor Dry, Margery received a vision, a vision that can only allude to the draconic prophecy. Margery has now been involved in crucial events that led up to the current war, most notably, her attempt at Aurala’s life with the aid of Mythos. She has now joined the Karrnathi forces, with the goal of one day becoming the head of what remains of Aundair and reversing the destructing that Kosh has wrought by ending her life.

Margery Fimble, The prophetess.

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