Rosson Larue

A very violent knight of Karrnath.


Rosson stands at 5’7". She is solidly built and her black hair has streaks of grey in it. This is not because of age but because of a harsh life. Her black, bone scale mail glitters because of the iron deposits within. Her lance is made from the same material. She also uses a spear with great skill. At her hip is her Karrnathi made longsword.


Not much is known about Rosson, though it is fairly easily found out that she graduated from the Rekkenmark with distinction and that she served during the Last War as a leader for several divisions of undead.

Rosson has a severe dislike to males. The reason is not known. She eagerly awaits for males to give her a reason to attack or cause harm to them in dome manner.

Rosson has rejected several oppurtunities for promotions. Reasons unknown.

Rosson Larue

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